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Outstanding software for teaching Maths  - 
  * use it to demonstrate concepts
  * create worksheets and test papers
  * share diagrams with new Save to web page feature
  * plan highly interactive lessons

How does Autograph support the new Maths Curriculum
in South Africa?

is ideally suited to the Maths topics in the South African Curriculum - just look at what you can do with Autograph:

1D - Statistics and probability
Data entry; grouping into frequencies;
histograms; cumulative frequency diagrams; box and whisker diagrams; dot plot; discrete and continuous probability distributions; sampling, central limit theorem; plus import and export of data and of tables of statistics
2D - Graphing
Plot functions by entering equations, points or co-ordinates; Cartesian, parametric and polar graphing; differ
ential equations (1st and 2nd order); coordinate geometry; trig graphs; transformations; animation of constants and mathematical objects; investigate turning points for quadratics, cubics and other polynolials;
3D - Graphing
Coordinate geometry: points, lines, planes surfaces; vectors cross product; intersections; Cartesian, parametric and polar graphs; dynamic transformations of solid shapes

Advanced Maths
Linear equations and inequalites; modelling growth and decay problems; vectors; matrices and applications; differential equations; integration; area under a curve; probability and statistical models; use gradients and changing slopes to introduce calculus;

Many other features demonstrate Maths concepts  ...


Brilliant trig graphs are easy to plot - The basic trig graphs can be manipulated by plotting the general form,  eg  y = sin ax  or y = b cos x so that students can see the effects of change in amplitude and period. Trig formulae can be illustrated through graphs.

* Graphing with Autograph

* Click here for more info on Statistics with Autograph

Autograph brings the 'click and drag' world of dynamic selection to Coordinate Geometry, Probability and Statistics. Teachers and pupils quickly pick up the intuitive operation of Autograph, which uses standard Windows conventions for selecting objects.


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