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 Autograph Version 3.3
dynamic software adds
new dimensions to the Maths classroom!

See how Autograph can be used  with the South African Maths Curriculum

How can the new Autograph software help teachers?

* Sketches, worksheets and exam papers are simple -
Teachers can easily create and file their prepared work on computer.
Sketches, worksheets and exam papers can be edited for re-use.
Outstanding flash video tutorials quickly show how to get started!

*Math concepts come alive with dynamic diagrams
plot all functions, including Trig and algebraic graphs, Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Transformations, Geometry sketches, Vectors, 3D Shapes, Statistical diagrams and tables, Probability Distributions, Box and Whisker plots and more … Find out more about Autograph features

* Scribble tool
Draw on the screen to emphasize shapes, points, lines of symmetry and other features.
Erase scribbles afterwards - write and draw as if on a blackboard

How do students benefit from using Autograph software?
* Slow plotting
Students can be involved in the graphing process: they can track the function as it is plotted; pause the plotting to examine eg turning points.

* Constant Controller
The general form of a function can be plotted using constants. As they are changed, students can watch each change affects the graph

*Autograph sketches can be saved to a Math web page
The file can then be manipulated directly in the web page without the need for Autograph to be installed - eg students can vary constants in a graph


Teachers can also -

*Import graphics
Add graphics from any standard graphics file. Find real life pictures, and
use best fit feature to overlay a graph - play with a photograph of a stadium, or a moving ball, or a fountain.

* Hide or unhide any object

* Use dotted lines in any sketch

* Investigate Euclidean Geometry - measure
all angles - even reflex and obtuse; Show standard
right angle markings; This sketch shows a triangle
on the diameter of the circle, with chord parallel to radius

* Use the dynamic text box: the labels change as you alter the position of objects in the sketch (including constants). Brilliant for transformations!
Unbeatable for trig graphs!

* Click here for more info on Autograph Activity Books

Friendly menu options help you to -

  • Plot functions by entering equations, points, or co-ordinates
  • Investigate gradients for lines, quadratics and cubics
  • Use gradients and changing slopes to introduce Calculus
  • Illustrate trig functions and explore the trig Chain Rule
  • Introduce exponential functions
  • Experiment with reflections, rotations, transformation
  • Work with data as grouped sets and plot results
  • Explore probability distributions
  • and much more.
* Click here for more info on Graphing with Autograph

* Click here for more info on Statistics with Autograph

Autograph brings the 'click and drag' world of dynamic selection to Coordinate Geometry, Probability and Statistics. Teachers and pupils quickly pick up the intuitive operation of Autograph, which uses standard Windows conventions for selecting objects.

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