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perfectly suited software for the South African Math Curriculum

True-notation equations entered as text
Cartesian: y=f(x), x=f(y), implicit;
gradient, integral function; reflection in y=x
Inequalities (either convention) Piecewise
Parametric, polar equations

1st/2nd order Differential eqns (implicit entry)
dynamic conditions 1st order: slope field

Function definitions f(x), g(x)
Constants: families, animations
True-notation text input

Plotting controls: including pause; full zoom facilities

Co-ordinate points (cursors): individual points,
free or attached; locus; groups of points (shapes): transformations; bivariate data: regression lines; centroid; residuals.

Dependent points: Solve f(x) = 0, f'(x) = 0, intersections; mid-point; ratio; inversion; centroid; centre of circle.

Graph of chain rule in action

Straight lines 2 pts; tangent, normal; parallel, perpendicular line; line segment; perpendicular,
angle bisector.

Exact curves: quadratic, cubic, polynomial through n points; circles: 2 pts, 3 pts;
centre and radius; ellipse (3 pts);
conic (5 pts); conic by eccentricity.

Best fit curves:
regression line; best fit polynomial;
fit any equation with constants to a data set.

Graph of integral function y=1/x

Vectors: copy, scalar multiple, negative, perpendicular, unit vector, sum and difference.

Numerical Methods/Areas: bisection; Newton-Raphson; x=g(x) iteration.
Area by rectangles, trapezium/Simpson's rule.

Transformations: shear, stretch, reflection, rotation, enlargement, translation, 2x2 matrix (15 presets); animations.

Graph showing transformation

Animations: any object driven by a single parameter can be animated (manual/auto).

Intelligent Entries: Useful default entries available throughout using editable mathematical text.

Graphic images: easily exported to Word. Bivariate/raw data sets easy to import/export

Results box: stores all results, intersections, tables of values, coordinates, equations - all as text

Graph showing area between 2 curves

Click here for more information on Statistics with Autograph



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