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Autograph   V4 - Probability and Statistics capabilities

Grouped Data Set: class intervals (regular/unequal/auto or integers) enter frequencies/ auto-calculate from raw data

Interpret as continuous or discrete; manual data entry, or import/export a CSV file or copy/paste from Excel or generate from probability distributions

Histogram from discrete data

Statistical diagrams: frequ./frequency density; frequency polygon, cumulative frequency;
box & whisker plot; dot plot

Data measurements: frequency or probability by area (histogram) x, F, quartiles, median (cum. frequency) all limits moved dynamically

Box and Whisker plot

Sampling methods: single or multiple samples from a data set dot-plot of distribution of sample means; central limit theorem demonstrated.

Discrete probability distributions: rectangular, binomial, Poisson, geometric, user binomial (n, p) and Poisson. Parameters can be animated

Continuous probability distributions: rectangular, normal user-defined: any f(x) can be entered normal parameters (m, sē) can be animated.

Comparison and animation of probability distribution

Probability measurements:
probability, cumulative probability; inverse calculations (continuous distributions)

Best fit binomial/Poisson/normal to data set; Poisson/normal fit to binomial (animated)

Text options: table of probabilities; table of statistics; stem and leaf (in results box: can be copied and pasted out)

The Central Line Theorem

classroom demonstrations

1. Area of circle demonstration
2. Trigonometry demonstration
3. Monte-Carlo simulation

4. Confidence intervals
5. 1, 2, n-dice simulations
6. Poisson grid

Frequency distribution for sum of 2 dice

Click here for more information on graphing with Autograph



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