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Geometer's Sketchpad

Sketchpad Gives You the Tools to . . .

  • Accomplish Euclidean constructions with the drawing tools in the Toolbox and with commands in the Construct menu.
  • Go beyond Euclidean constructions using commands in the Transform menu to construct translations, reflections, rotations, dilations, and iterations by fixed, computed, and dynamic quantities.
  • Enter the realm of analytic geometry using the Graph menu to plot functions and work in rectangular or polar coordinate systems.
  • Calculate and plot derivatives of functions; see derivatives both graphically and symbolically.
  • Create animations that trace out sine waves and explore other trigonometric identities.
  • Encapsulate complex constructions in single steps with user-designed Custom Tools.

Sketchpad is Versatile and Easy to Use

Sketchpad is designed with an intuitive interface for ease of use, so your students will be focused on the activity, not the navigation. And Sketchpad works well in a variety of classroom settings - with an overhead projector, with one or two classroom computers, or in a computer lab. Students can work on independent explorations, and they can solve assigned problems collaboratively or alone. Teachers use Sketchpad to create worksheets, exams, and reports by exporting Sketchpad figures and measurements to spreadsheets, word processors, other drawing programs, and the Web.

Dynamic Mathematics Is Now More Powerful Than Ever Before!

Sketchpad Awards

  • Best Educational Software, Software Publishers Association
  • Best Educational Software, Teaching & Learning Magazine
  • "Most Valuable Software for Students," Teaching, Learning, and Computing National Survey [of Mathematics Teachers], 1998"
  • "Best Mathematics Education Software of All Time," Stevens Institute of Technology Mentor Teachers Survey
  • "Parent's Choice Group Approval" Winner, Parent's Choice Foundation

We also provide Professional Development courses for teachers, to enable them to use Geometer's Sketchpad to its full potential as a teaching tool.

New in Sketchpad Version 4 . . .

  • Capability to define, combine, evaluate, graph, and differentiate functions makes Sketchpad the perfect tool for algebra and calculus as well as for geometry.
  • Animation features are more powerful, more flexible, and easier to use.
  • Multi-page Sketchbooks make it easy to assemble related activities and package them with activity-specific tools, create electronic portfolios and presentations, develop curriculum, and design activities.
  • Split/Merge and editing of calculations and functions allow easy modification of sketches.
  • Styled text enhances professional appearance; mathematical text increases authenticity.
  • User can integrate Web-based resources into Sketchpad activities and publish live Dynamic Geometry activities on the Web.
  • Fully supports Windows and Macintosh on the same CD-ROM.
  • Easy-to-create Custom Tools extend Sketchpad’s mathematics.
  • Enhanced graphics allow full color objects, text, and background for striking visual effect.
  • Use of parametric color adds an “extra dimension” in any visualization, ranging from simple mathematical finger-painting activities at the early grades to surface plots at the higher grades.
  • Easier user interface gets beginners immediately up to speed.
  • Selecting multiple objects is easier than ever.
  • All of your Sketchpad skills are upwardly transferable to GSP 4.

A Comprehensive Support System

Extensive Sketchpad support resources ensure that you and your students will move easily from basics to the more advanced program features.

  • Useful Documentation—Sketchpad has built-in online help, and comes with an easy-to-follow Learning Guide, Reference Manual, and Quick Reference Guide.
  • Sketchpad Resource Center Web Site provides product information; technical support; an Online Activity Guide that links to a wide variety of Web resources for using Sketchpad in and out of the classroom; an extensive bibliography; and informative downloadable reference materials about Sketchpad and Dynamic Geometry.
  • Complete Discovery-Based Curriculum—For a complete geometry or algebra curriculum based on exploration and discovery, consider combining Sketchpad with Discovering Geometry, Discovering Algebra, or IMP.

Free 30-day Sketchpad Preview

We're happy to send you Sketchpad on a 30-day preview basis.

System Requirements

Windows: Pentium-based system or equivalent, Windows 95 or NT 4.0 or later, 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive
Macintosh: PowerPC-based system, Mac OS 8.6 or later, 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive


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