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Land of UM

UM makes problem solving fun for all ages, from preschool to adult!
This package is ideal for the times when you want to reward your children with an educational computer activity that's also wonderfully entertaining.
The Land of UM provides a positive challenge and has a range of difficulty to suit every age group.

What is an UM?
The UM is a woolly-headed little creature whose task is to explore each of many worlds. To do this, the UM must find out what each object in the world actually does - and some of them do quite unexpected things! Players need (and will develop) reasoning and clear thinking skills, rather than the fast reactions and trial-and-error needed in many games.

Look after the Baby UMs!
One of the challenges is to protect the baby UMs that inhabit some worlds. These babies have the unfortunate habit of wandering off and getting into trouble unless the UM keeps a careful eye on them.

The UM editor
An additional feature of great educational value is the UM Editor, included in the package. It allows children to design their own worlds. Older students find it a very rewarding challenge to create problems, learning even more as they watch others try to solve problems they have created.

Teachers' Resources
The Land of UM package includes a special teacher's guide by Norah Colvin (author of Kraken and Clockwise) which details an easy approach to making problem-solving a high point of your students' learning.



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