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Libwin - Library Management Software
New! Libwin 2012 now streamlined with extra features!

  • Media information can be edited from the list of books - no more moving to the individual record before making a change! special thanks to Joy for requesting this one!
  • Global updates allow fast changes to information in each media record affected - did somebody spell a word incorrectly? want to change a subject detail? a few keystrokes will do all the entries at once.

Watch for more news soon!

Libwin 2012 - Features
Libwin allows easy access to information:

  • Screen displays show immediately whether books are available,
    reserved or on loan, (with borrower's name and date due back),
    and other details
  • Fast searches make Library resources simple to find - by  keyword,
    subject or any field such as title, author, accession number,
    Dewey Number, series  etc.
  • Printed Reports store information shown on screen - pupil details,
    media on loan, media overdue, fines outstanding, (all by class,
    or borrower) and more
  • Reference material for projects can be placed on temporary
    restricted loan
  • Barcodes assist with fast retrieval
  • Web links can be stored and later used for direct connections
  • Standard Windows icons are familiar to users and easy to use

For more details about Libwin, click on
Library page
A few examples
of the schools currently using Libwin
We will gladly demonstrate this excellent system to your librarian - see for yourself how easy library administration can be!

Minimum Hardware requirements:

  • Pentium I166MMX or faster recommended, with Min 128Mb RAM
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP installed with Backup facilities
  • 256 Colour monitor
  • Default printer installed and set up correctly

For network use:
The main computer must be at least a Pentium II 400 Mhz with Min 128Mb RAM


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