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Miquon Math Materials (K - 7) provide a full Math curriculum based on manipulatives and workbooks.

Who uses Miquon Math?
Many home schoolers choose this Math curriculum, also schools where children
are allowed to progress at their own pace. Remedial teachers find it a helpful resource.

What are the "manipulatives" that they use?
The examples in the workbooks are based on Cuisenaire rods - each rod has its own colour and length, for numbers from to 10. Children explore and investigate different ways of combining the wooden rods - "hands-on" visual Math!

Which Math topics can be covered with Miquon?
Most Math topics can be investigated easily - certainly all Arithmetic operations - and there are even examples on algebraic graphing -have a look at the list below! Miquon develops a real understanding into concepts such as number bonds, fractions and the rule of operations.

Is it difficult for a parent who is not a trained teacher?
There are 3 comprehensive guides to help teachers implement the program:
Notes to Teachers explains the aims and beliefs of the Miquon Math program
Lab Sheet Annotations contains specific instructions for each of the worksheets, also teaching suggestions and ideas for creating additional math materials.
First Grade Diary is a personal account of daily activities and experiences.

What is important about Miquon Math?
For thirty years, Miquon Math Materials have offered children a friendly invitation to the world of mathematics, based on the belief that mathematical insight grows out of observation, investigation and the discovery of patterns.
It introduces all four arithmetic operations and work with fractions in the first year.
Cuisenaire rods and concrete models are used continuously with attractive and varied worksheets that require few reading skills.
The 6 workbooks are sequenced by level of difficulty, contain over 650 worksheets, and form a complete math curriculum. By the third year students are graphing algebraic equations.

Miquon Math program
  • uses concrete models, Cuisenaire rods and manipulatives to provide children with a great variety of hands-on activities & investigations
  • is designed so that children can progress at their own pace
  • has 6 workbooks containing 650 worksheets that cover topics from counting to algebraic equations
  • develops mathematical thinking in the average learner and challenges the exceptionally gifted child.

650 worksheets cover the following topics:

Place Value
Graphing Equations
Series & Progressions
Length, Area & Volume

Grid & Arrow games
Equalities & Inequalities
Number Lines
Simultaneous Equations
Word Problems

Geometric concepts
Clock Arithmetic

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