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Numbershark software develops understanding of basic number concepts such as:
* sequencing skills
* odd and even numbers
* recognizing patterns and groups
* fractions, decimals and percentages
* Math operations: addition, subtraction,  multiplication and division,
* fractions, decimals and percentages
* rounding up and down, place values etc

What makes Numbershark stand out from other Math packages?
Firstly, there are 60 totally different games.
You choose the games that suit your child(ren) best,
You choose the Math topic to be covered.

Then, the numbers are represented in many forms: rods, numberline, scale, digits, words, abacus, numberpad - you choose the one that helps your child's way of learning.

Is it only for very young children?
Not at all. You can select any area of learning in Math. You can vary the speed and level of difficulty for each game. Numbershark is popular with all ages.
The new version develops understanding and practice of fractions and decimals.
Many older students struggle because they never understood basic concepts -
they can revise special sections, like place values, or grouping.

How do games achieve more than exercises?
Well, Numbershark includes plenty of exercises, too. But the games provide excellent visual ways of understanding each concept.
They increase attention span, and encourage practice.
Children with poor short term memory benefit greatly.

So there are Math exercises as well as games?
Yes, you can ask the computer to generate a new set of sums for every topic, each time a topic is selected, and print them out too.

Numbershark is a program to help anyone improve their basic numeracy. It addresses many of the difficulties which lead children to dislike Math. Numbershark combines motivation and enjoyment within a structured learning process.

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Numbershark Games
Numbers are represented in many forms in the games eg: rods, numberline, scale, digits, words, abacus, numberpad.
Different games address different aspects of: ordering, grouping, conservation, place value, exchange, symbol discrimination, problem solving, comutativity, links between operations and maths vocabulary.
Games both promote understanding and also provide rote practice in number bonds and multiplication tables.
Mental maths is well addressed at all levels.
"Overlearning" is achieved through the variety of approach in the games.
Variable levels and speeds for each games meet all grades of skill.
Scores and timings are shown on screen but most games do not imposed time limits.
On line help screens are available throughout.

Numbershark Topics
The units of work or "topics" form the structured course. They address each of the number operations + - X and divide in very small steps, isolating one new level of activity at a time. Old facts are linked to new ones.
Numbershark generates a new set of "sums" for each topic, every time a new topic is selected.
Numbers range from zero to seven digits.
The 250 topics offer a finely graded structured course with clear examples given on screen to help you select.
Each of the topics can be accessed directly.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7,8,10 or Mac OSX   10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and latest versions
- at least 300MHz (Vist 2GHz)
RAM at least 272MB (Vista 1 GB)
Free hard disk space
Soundcard and speakers or headphones
Screen resolution 800 x 600
CD or DVD drive (the network version requires a CD for installation only)

Click here for REVIEWS of Numbershark and Wordshark


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