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Training courses for The Geometer's Sketchpad

The Geometer's Sketchpad is a program that revolutionises the
way in which Maths is taught in schools. We provide professional development courses to ensure that teachers use the program to
its full potential.

The training courses are designed to cover fundamental and important topics -
and can be customized, eg for educators of specific grades, or for specific learning outcomes.
Topics covered in the course include -

* Algebraic functions, and the use of graphs to understand concepts such as gradients, intercepts, roots, turning points etc

* Introduction to Calculus, and concepts of maxima/minima, rates of change etc

* Trigonometric functions, their periodicity and graphs, etc

* Geometry - Triangles and polynomials, Circle theorems, and more

Course facilitators are experienced teachers and software experts.The timing
and duration of the courses can be arranged to suit your schedule.

For more details about the training we can provide, and references from educators who have passed through the programme, please contact us on 021-4396351.


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