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Wordshark software is a major language teaching resource especially designed for dyslexic learners,
used widely in schools
and highly recommended by educators.

Find out all the great new features in Wordshark 5!

Who uses Wordshark?
Remedial teachers, speech therapists, Learning Support Centres, home schoolers,
special schools  including those for Autistic and cerebral palsied children,

Foundation Phase teachers,
and many children being helped at home after school.

What makes Wordshark so special to remedial teachers?
They love the fact that the word lists are based on the book "Alpha to Omega" by Dr Beve Hornsby - this is the basic reference work for most remedial teachers. And they can set up a special lesson program for each of their pupils - so that all the games are based only on the chosen words for that pupil.

Is it only for children with learning problems?
Not at all. It is great for anyone who has to learn words or spelling (see Toni's tip).

Can it be used to help with school home-work?
You can quickly type in the child's spelling lists from school - record the sounds, too. Then children can play games while they see, hear and practise their words. Each child in a family can keep their own private word lists and scores.

Thanks to Toni for this tip: Help your child with tests in other subjects too - enter keywords for Science and Biology, Xhosa and Social Studies - then let them play!

How do children with visual problems cope?
The graphics are specially designed to be appealing yet simple so that children with perceptual problems can focus on their work. The program combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell. It offers 36 different games which use sound graphics and text to teach and reinforce word recognition and spelling.

What language skills does Wordshark cover?
The program includes phonics, onset and rime, homophones, spelling rules, common letter patterns, visual and auditory patterns, prefixes, suffixes, roots, word division, high frequency words, use of words in context, alphabet and dictionary skills and more.

The games and the selection or words have been specially targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia).

The variety of games, concepts and words make Wordshark suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools as well as at home.

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Wordshark Games
50 different games provide very high motivation and interest.
Each game is designed to help with one or more aspects of reading and spelling.
Variable speeds and other options meet all grades of skill.

Wordshark Words
Words range from the simplest 2 or 3 letter ones to complex multisyllable ones.

Word lists are arranged in 6 alternative structured courses covering:
- The 3 stages of the book Alpha to Omega
- The Literacy Hour (UK Government framework for spelling and word recognition)
- General course for older users/adults
- Letters and Sounds for Foundation Phase
- Short course to support different phonic schemes, with recommended games
- Secondary school Subject lists covering vocabulary for subjects in the curriculum

A Search box easily locates any word or list.
Sentences give the words in context with a worksheet for every list.
You can create your own lists very easily.
Work can be set and student records kept.
The easy to follow A4 manual includes all word lists and advice on use.

Systems Requirements
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7/8/10  or Mac OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and latest version
- at least 2.5 GHz+  on 32-bit or 64-bit
RAM at least 1 GB available
Free hard disk space
  5 GB
Soundcard and speakers or headphones
Screen resolution 800 x 600  up tp  1920 x 1080
CD or DVD drive (the network version requires a CD for installation only)
Microphone for your own recording in Wordshark - optional

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